We change the future

Contrust is an IT company focused on delivering cutting edge solutions. Our team designs, creates and develops software to accelerate your business and make your work easier.

We exist in the Cloud

Contrust delivers Software as a Service (SaaS). We run in the Cloud, so there is no limit for you to access our solutions, no matter where you are.

We save your Time

Everything we create is designed to save time for you and your team. We automate whatever can be automated. And a little bit more :-)

Discover Clouding

Infrastructure can be managed in two ways: manually or automatically. A manual solution takes a lot of time, requires expert knowledge and is error prone. You can save this time using Clouding - platform designed to automate cloud based environment management. While Clouding operates, you can focus on your core business.
# Servers Team size Monthly 3 years
Manual management
100 3fte 480h 17.280h
1000 9fte 1.280h 46.080h
5000 25fte 4.000h 144.000h
100 0.5fte 80h 2.880h
1000 2fte 320h 11.520h
5000 5fte 800h 28.800h
# Servers Team size Monthly 3 years Team size Monthly 3 years
Manual management CLOUDING
100 3 fte 480h 17.280h 0.5 fte 80h 2.880h
1000 9 fte 1.280h 46.080h 2 fte 320h 11.520h
5000 25 fte 4.000h 144.000h 5 fte 800h 28.800h

Nowing. Fix again.

We know you don't like IT. And we know you struggle now and then. As a team based on Full Stack Developers we like solving difficult problems! And we can help.

If you have any issues in IT field in your business, let us know. Simply ask and give us a try.

As clever as we are, we will translate your problem into success. Maybe it's just a matter of asking the right quesitons?

What is Contrust?

Contrust is a startup IT company founded by Jarek Swierad, DevOps Solutions Architect and Software Developer with 17 years of professional experience and Simon Karas, business owner since 2004, entrepreneur and coach.

We are part of Solid Constructions & Investment Group Holding B.V. with solid experience, financial capital and human resources.

We are passionate about innovations, new technologies and the new way of running business.

Because of that we agree with this motto:

“Every company is a software company”

Our mission is to create a complete Ecosystem to automate and manage all your IT related infrastructure, systems and applications. Our solutions let your business manage IT systems safely and efficiently. We operate in the Cloud, which means our products are available world wide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support customers’ growth, share our experience and passion but also to get inspirations, so we are able to follow and support the change that all of us face every day.

We are proud of our work and we want our customers to feel the same way.

"The world will not wait - It will change"

Contrust B.V.

Schipolweg 1
2034LS Haarlem
The Netherlands
KvK: 65595238
phone: +31 655 0000 58
e-mail: hello@contrust.io

Feel free to contact us!