A place for networking.
A place for ideas.

Since June 2022 we are located at the wonderful and quiet Esteplatz in the heart of the third district of Vienna. Over 230 sqm of floor space offers the best infrastructure for smaller and larger events. Whether vernissage with international artists, management fireside chats, masterclass, C-level workshops or deep tech startups in dialogue, we create the environment and provide the space for your topics.

Office 7

Esteplatz 8/7

The high art of promoting dialogue and inspiring people is and remains an art. Nevertheless, we constantly have young artists who show their works, some contemporary, some modern...

We listen.
We admit.
We watch.

The 1,001st podcast of our time is not a marketing tool aimed at reaching sophisticated people. We just like to shed some light on the unromantic sides of any story and learn from the experiences of others, that's what it's all about, isn't it?


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Contrust Business
Network Application

Contrust is a private business network that connects the interests of entrepreneurs. The exchange on common challenges is created through dialogues based on trust within the network. Members are networked in such a way that both the process and the development of their respective business needs are tailored to each other.